Muin a Ventu Historical Tower

Villa - Località Preteccia - Vernazza


5 Guests
3 bedrooms
1 bathroom
90 m2
CITRA Code: 011019-LT-0063

Muìn a Véntu Garden Tower, also known as Luca's tower, stands as a beacon of exclusivity in Vernazza, offering a unique blend of history, art, and natural beauty for an unforgettable holiday in the Cinque Terre. Here's a detailed overview of this remarkable property:

Location and Surroundings:

  • Situated at the beginning of the path leading from Vernazza to Corniglia, Muìn a Véntu commands a stunning view over the village and the surrounding waters.

  • The tower is enveloped by a luxurious garden, providing a serene atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment.


  1. Base of the Tower:

    • Upon entering the tower's base, guests encounter a spacious area featuring a double bed, dining space, kitchenette, and a simple yet charming bathroom.

    • The kitchenette is equipped with essential amenities, including a refrigerator and an electric burner, housed within a setting reminiscent of traditional Ligurian kitchens.

    • The furnishings and decorations are unique pieces of art crafted by the owner, Giorgio, a sculptor, and his wife, a drama director.

    • Access to the adjacent annex is available through the base, offering additional space and comfort.

  2. Annex Part:

    • The annex presents a large open space adorned with a double bed, dining area with an artistic table, and a kitchen corner.

    • Guests can experience the charm of the past with features like an old marble sink, evoking the essence of traditional Ligurian kitchens.

    • Notable artistic elements include a door hand-drawn with Indian ink by a renowned designer, adding to the property's unique character.

  3. Tower Part:

    • Ascending from the base, guests access the first floor of the tower via a wooden ladder, where they discover a second bedroom furnished with a handmade French-size bed.

    • A further ascent leads to the top floor of the tower, offering a single bed and a breathtaking perspective of the surroundings.

    • While the accommodations may lack some modern comforts, guests are rewarded with the exclusivity and charm of this historical landmark.

Additional Amenities:

  • The garden surrounding the tower provides a tranquil setting for outdoor dining and relaxation, featuring an "al fresco" table under a pergola and terraces adorned with Mediterranean flora.

  • WiFi connectivity is available for guests seeking to stay connected during their stay.

Unique Features:

  • Muìn a Véntu Garden Tower holds significance as Luca's tower, as depicted in the Disney Pixar movie "LUCA," attracting the admiration of children and families alike.

  • The property's rich history and artistic ambiance, coupled with its picturesque location, ensure a truly memorable experience for discerning travelers.

In summary, Muìn a Véntu Garden Tower offers a rare opportunity to immerse oneself in the timeless allure of the Cinque Terre, blending heritage, artistry, and natural splendor into an unforgettable holiday retreat.

Muìn a Véntu Tower offers a unique and romantic experience for couples or adult friends seeking an unconventional getaway. Nestled uphill in the village of Vernazza, it provides a secluded escape from the crowds, making it perfect for wedding proposals or honeymooners.

However, it's important to note that reaching the tower may pose a challenge for those who are not physically fit, as the path to Corniglia is steep and uneven. Additionally, the property has certain limitations, such as no access for children under 10, wheelchair inaccessibility, and no pets allowed. It's also unsuitable for the elderly or infirm due to the narrow ladders connecting the tower floors.

Despite these considerations, guests can enjoy limited wifi in the garden area and part of the annex, with plans to extend coverage throughout the property in the future. Bathroom facilities are only available on the ground floor, and the furnishings consist of essential pieces of art created by the owner.

For convenience, food shopping and delivery services can be arranged upon request. Guests should be prepared for a unique and rustic experience, with the focus on romance and tranquility amidst the beauty of Vernazza.


Cinque Terre Riviera Plus

1. complimentary welcome breakfast for your first morning in Vernazza 

2. Concierge office in Vernazza open from 09:30 a.m. to 1:30 p-m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m from Mid March to Early November



Muìn a Véntu Tower stands as a silent sentinel of history in Vernazza, a testament to the medieval past of this charming village. Dating back to 1100 AD, it holds the distinction of being one of the two remaining towers in Vernazza with authentic ancient origins, preserving its original architecture and stones through the centuries.

During the medieval ages, when Vernazza was under the domination of the Genoise Doria family, three towers once graced the village skyline. Sadly, only Muìn a Véntu Tower remains in its original form, while the others have succumbed to time and decay. One tower lies in ruins close to the Town Hall, a silent reminder of ages past, while the second, located in the Castle area by the sea, is now under the ownership of the village Town Hall, welcoming visitors to explore its historic corridors.

Originally functioning as a windmill, Muìn a Véntu Tower played a crucial role in the village's agricultural pursuits, with its characteristic holes in the upper part designed to harness the power of the wind for grinding grains. In the 1950s, the tower underwent a transformation when it passed into the hands of Amleto, a notable figure in the fishing village. Under his ownership, an annex was added to the ground floor, blending ancient architecture with modern convenience.

However, it was under the ownership of the renowned Italian drama director, Aldo Trionfo, that Muìn a Véntu Tower truly blossomed into a cultural hub. Trionfo's vision and restoration efforts breathed new life into the tower, transforming it into a sanctuary for creativity and expression. As a patron of the arts, Trionfo welcomed the most celebrated and unconventional Italian artists of the time as guests to the tower. Directors, actors, painters, singers, composers, and other luminaries gathered within its walls, forming a bohemian court that epitomized the spirit of the era.

Today, staying at Muìn a Véntu Tower offers more than just accommodation; it offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in living history, where every stone whispers tales of the past and every gust of wind carries the echoes of artistic inspiration. With its timeless charm and rich heritage, Muìn a Véntu Tower stands as a beacon of cultural significance, inviting visitors to partake in its legacy of creativity and intrigue.


Please Note: in the event of malfunctioning of some equipment and services, including air conditioning, dishwashers, washing machines, telephones, wifi and any other equipment and in the event of a gas cut and/or lack of heating, the Cinque Terre Riviera will promptly act to provide support and resolve the fault. Since the structures are located in the National Park area, intervention times are often longer and understanding is required for these difficulties. Cinque Terre Riviera will not be held responsible for problems not due to its negligence and will not grant refunds for such inconveniences. Turning on the heating is prohibited by law from Apr 1st to  Nov  08th.

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Check-in: 15:00 - 19:00
Late Check-in: 19:00 - 22:00 (+50,00€)
Check-out: 10:00

Check-in: 15:00 - 19:00

Check-out: 10:00

Standard occupancy: 2

Max occupancy: 5

Floor: terra

Elevator: No



Baby cot
Beach view
Bed linen
Bottled water
Car not necessary
Catering available
Chair provided with desk
Coffee/tea maker
Dining room seats
Disinfectant used
Eco tourism
Enhanced cleaning
Essential cooking products
Extra pillows and blankets
First aid kit
First day breakfast included
Honeymoon suites
Hot water
King bed
Kitchen stove
Kitchen supplies
Living room
Long term stays allowed
Outdoor dining area
Outdoor veranda
Plates and bowls
Pots and pans
Private bathroom
Private entrance
Queen bed
Services concierge
Single bed
Tables and chairs
Tourist attractions
Water view
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Sleeping arrangements

Bedroom 1
1 x small_double_bed
Bedroom 2
1 x double bed
Bedroom 3
1 x single bed
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Località Preteccia - Vernazza